It's hard to write a brief blurb about yourself when it starts like this: I graduated with a degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice, with an emphasis in Dance. I ended up in Los Angeles where I'm attempting to start a business and make my way as an artist. One day, I woke up and went hey, I think I'm actually a starving artist. I primarily perform as a professional belly dancer, but also still have the occasional modern dance gig.

These are the things that Inspire me and the things (I like to think) I've learned, especially about being a dancer in LA. I also like to pass on information about classes, auditions and more in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


My Dance Inspiration board on Pinterest

Trying not to photo spam this blog (and my others, for that matter) sort of directed me to begin to use Pinterest for different things.  Check out my Dance Inspiration board.

I also have a Classy Belly Dance Photos Board, although as of right now it is not very well curated yet :)