It's hard to write a brief blurb about yourself when it starts like this: I graduated with a degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice, with an emphasis in Dance. I ended up in Los Angeles where I'm attempting to start a business and make my way as an artist. One day, I woke up and went hey, I think I'm actually a starving artist. I primarily perform as a professional belly dancer, but also still have the occasional modern dance gig.

These are the things that Inspire me and the things (I like to think) I've learned, especially about being a dancer in LA. I also like to pass on information about classes, auditions and more in Los Angeles and San Francisco.



LA STAGE Alliance announces LA Dance Advance, an initiative to increase
connections between Los Angeles area dance artists and regional and national
audiences. LA Dance Advance is intended to build the organizational capacity
of participating dance companies and choreographers to expand their regional
and national audiences.

Approximately 7 to 9 LA-based dance companies/choreographers will be
selected for this nine-month initiative, October 2011 through June 2012. In
LA Dance Advance, participants will conduct self-assessments, work with a
coach, attend workshops, network with their peers, develop a brief plan for
audience growth, and apply for small implementation grants.

LA Dance Advance is a response to the fact that dance has long faced
challenges in Los Angeles, including a lack of community connections and
support structures. As a result, LA dance companies and choreographers have
often experienced difficulties developing local followings and/or generating
in- or out-of-region booking opportunities.

You may find a program overview at


*Who Should Apply:*
LA Dance Advance is for dance companies and choreographers located in Los
Angeles County with a demonstrated capacity to reach audiences and at a
threshold of audience growth. This means organizations that are poised for
increased touring in- or out-of-region, as well as those already actively
touring but seeking to perform more in-region. Participants can be
nonprofit, unincorporated or for-profit dance companies, or individual
choreographers employed by or volunteering for dance companies. While LA
Dance Advance includes small implementation grants, it is not primarily a
funding program. A limited number of participants (approximately 7 - 9) will
be selected.

LA Dance Advance is not intended for dance companies and choreographers that
already have a well-established capacity for both touring and local
performing on a regular basis. Also, it is not designed for emerging dance
artists, those without a track record of touring and reaching audiences
inside and outside of the region, those whose primary focus is dance
education, and students enrolled in a degree program.

*How to Apply:*
The LA Dance Advance has a two-stage application process:
1. Letter of interest (brief Online Form): Submission Deadline is September
15, 2011 5pm
Please visit to access the Letter of Intent
online form.

2. Full application:
Those invited to submit a full application will have a deadline of October
14, 2011
Participants will be announced in the first week of November.

*For more information:*
Visit us at,
email, or
call us at 213.614.0556 × 717

LA Dance Advance is a collaboration of three organizations: LA STAGE
Alliance, which is administering the initiative; the City of Los Angeles
Department of Cultural Affairs, which is providing financial and
professional support; and the Southern California Dance Futures Fund, which
is providing dance-specific leadership and
assistance. Funding is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

My Dance Inspiration board on Pinterest

Trying not to photo spam this blog (and my others, for that matter) sort of directed me to begin to use Pinterest for different things.  Check out my Dance Inspiration board.

I also have a Classy Belly Dance Photos Board, although as of right now it is not very well curated yet :)

What I want to do this summer.

The Whole Story is an intensive workshop / laboratory / think-tank / hot-seat for dancers and dance-makers dedicated to progressing work-in-progress and advancing performance. Taught by Rosanna Gamson, with the assistance of RG/WW performers, The Whole Story is a rigorous 5-day inquiry into the brass tacks of making your dances, and your dancing, better. Increase and improve your dynamic range, musicality, and concentration as an interpretive artist. Expand, refine and redefine your toolkit as a creative artist. Become more specific, more articulate, and more YOU. As an opportunity to dig deeper, The Whole Story is designed for working dancers and choreographers who have already established their practice, and for young artists ready to move beyond an academic structure.

Each session will cover discreet material, however, the sessions are sequential and drop-ins are discouraged but some exception maybe arranged based on application.

For more information please contact Alexandria Yalj at

August 16th - 20th, 2010
Monday -Friday 10am -2pm

The Colburn School
200 South Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

$250 weekly tuition

This workshop has limited availability. Advance registration required.

Via email:
Please include in your application email:
First and Last name,
Telephone Number,
Email Address,
and a few words about your experience with dance, theatre, art….
Participants will be selected from pool of  applications.

Application deadline: July 30, 2010
Artist notification: August 2, 2010
We can certify the participation in workshops on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Advance payment confirms participation in the workshops.
Tuition assistance is available based on inquiry and need.

Rosanna Gamson is the Artistic Director of Rosanna Gamson/ World Wide (RGWW), a Los Angeles-based dance theater company. Gamson’s work has been presented and commissioned by local venues including the Getty Center, Skirball Cultural Center, Grand Performances, Highways, and REDCAT; and by dance and theater festival and venues throughout the US, and in Canada and Mexico. Gamson’s most recent dance theater project Tov, premiered at REDCAT and will next be performed at the Myrna Loy Center in Montana; co-commissioners of the piece through the National Performance Network Creation Fund. Gamson has won numerous grants and awards including a Special Horton Award as Dance Innovator, the Irvine’s California DanceMaker Award and support from the National Dance Project and the Trust for Mutual Understanding. She currently teaches dance composition in the School of Dance, and dance theater in the Theater School of CalArts. She was a mentor in the Southern California pilot of the CHIME Program and continues to participate in the development of emerging and well-established choreographers’ work in Los Angeles, and has served on numerous advisory and evaluative panels, including for NDP, Dance USA, Western Arts Alliance, and the National Performing Arts Convention.

**ROSANNA GAMSON/WORLD WIDE will be holding a company workshop to develop material for our next project, beginning the week of August 23. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in RGWW’s developmental workshop, please let us know that in your application. Participation from August 23rd by invitation only.

The magic of a dance…is something purely accidental. The irony of this is that you have to work harder than anyone else for the accident to occur. Then, when it happens, it is the only thing in your life guaranteed never to happen again. This, to some, is an unhappy state of affairs, and yet to others, it is the only ecstasy. Perhaps, then, you should forget everything I have said to you and remember only this: The real beauty in life is that beauty can sometimes occur.

"Dancer" by Colum McCann

Also…if you’re in LA and want to see what should be a great show, check out:


Saturday, March 13 @ 8:00PM
Alex Theatre
216 North Brand Blvd
Glendale, California 91203

BARE Dance Company
Body Current Dance
JazzAntiqua Dance and Music Ensemble
Josie Walsh’s MyoKyo
Macarena Gandarillas and Dancers - Visions Dance Theatre
Motion Tribe
PTERO Dance Theatre
RhetOracle Dance Company
Box Office: 818.243.2539 

Check Out:

Tickets: $17-$35  children $12 
Student & DRC discounts
Group rate for 15 or more 25% off

LA Dance Community Event

Thursday, January 28th 6 pm

Come Celebrate the New Year! Help Desk/L.A. in association with The Center for Cultural Innovation, CHIME, DRC, LA Stage Alliance, and Show Box LA invite the Los Angeles dance community to meet, greet and be merry at Mandrake (2692 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034-2604) on Thursday, January 28th 2010 starting at 6 pm.

This is a stress-free opportunity to come together, make connections and strengthen our community. Help Desk/L.A. Nurturing community and professional growth in the contemporary dance world.

Help Desk/L.A. is a project of Pentacle, a non-profit service organization for the performing arts. (

All done up for my first official belly dance gig.
I’m proud to say it went really well so hopefully there will be many more to come.  And it was actually my first paid dance performance EVER, so that feels pretty good.

All done up for my first official belly dance gig.

I’m proud to say it went really well so hopefully there will be many more to come.  And it was actually my first paid dance performance EVER, so that feels pretty good.

The 6th Annual Los Angeles Improv Dance Festival (iD Fest 2010)
I wish I could take more advantage of this festival, but luckily it looks like I can afford/manage the 3-day Creative Process workshop with Rudy Perez.

The 6th Annual Los Angeles Improv Dance Festival (iD Fest 2010)

I wish I could take more advantage of this festival, but luckily it looks like I can afford/manage the 3-day Creative Process workshop with Rudy Perez.